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There are 3 packages, depending on the complexity of the Will. However, the packages will be adjusted if it fits a cheaper package.

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The Life Legacy allows you to draft a will from anywhere, allowing you to keep it private and personal, with just a simple click.

Review & Revise

Once you have written your will, you can review and/or revise your will just by logging in with the account created when you first drafted your Will.

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Payment can be made either through your own personal PayPal account or through the PayPal website, using your credit/debit card.

Reasonable Packages

A Package that's tailored to every individual's needs


Ideal for Singles, who just started work or in Active Military Service.

  • Executorup to 2
  • GuardianNone
  • Beneficiariesup to 5
  • AssetsNone
  • Residuary EstateYes
  • CommorientesYes
  • Marriage ClauseNo
  • Children not mentioned in willNo
  • TLC Sit-Down Yes
  • Will CustodyNo
  • Price$388 SGD


Ideal for Married couples with children.                                 

  • Executorup to 2
  • Guardian1
  • Beneficiariesup to 6
  • Assetsup to 3
  • Residuary EstateYes
  • CommorientesYes
  • Marriage ClauseNo
  • Children not mentioned in willNo
  • TLC Sit-DownYes
  • Will Custody1 year
  • Price$838 SGD


Ideal for a person with multiple properties and children.

  • Executorup to 2
  • Guardian1
  • Beneficiariesup to 10
  • Assetsup to 6
  • Residuary EstateYes
  • CommorientesYes
  • Marriage ClauseYes
  • Children not mentioned in willYes
  • TLC Sit-downYes
  • Will Custody1 year
  • Price$1738 SGD

Frequently Asked Questions

When a person passes away, without leaving a will (Intestate), the next of kin can make a court application for the Letters of Administration, which could cost more and the ability to recover every asset is reduced. For further information, feel free to refer to our Flowchart.

  • CPF - Funds in CPF cannot be included in the will. The funds are either distributed to a nominee you had made, or if you have not, it will be distributed under Interstate Succession act

  • Property - Joint tenancy properties cannot be included. This will be passed to the surviving owner of the property upon demise.

  • Insurance - Insurance policies with a nominated beneficiary cannot be included in the will

  • Joint accounts - Proceeds from the joint account will be transferred to the surviving account holder.

  • Accounts – Sole Account Holder, Money in Shares, Unit Trusts, Safe Deposits etc.

  • Personal Possessions

  • Property – Sole Ownership or Tenancy in Common
  • Yes, call us. Either a translator can be provided by us or you can appoint someone who you trust to translate the contents of your Will for you.

    Payment can be made online through your personal PayPal Account or any Credit/Debit Cards through the PayPal website.

    A LPA is a legal document (Form 1 or 2), which allows a person, at least 21 years of age (Donor), to appoint one or more persons voluntarily (Donee(s)), to decide and act on his behalf as his proxy decision maker if he should lose mental capacity one day. A Donee(s) can be appointed to act in two broad areas: personal welfare and property and affairs matters. Please feel free to contact us.

    Trust is an estate-planning tool, whereby the settlor entrusts his/her assets to the trustee for the benefit of the beneficiaries. Please feel free to contact us


    What Our Clients Say

    "I was deeply impressed by your ‘can-do’ attitude and outstanding service! The will drafting process wouldn't be so smooth without your help and facilitation. Thank you so much for going the extra mile to accommodate my personal needs and preferences. I will not hesitate to recommend The Life Legacy to my family and friends. Keep up the good work!"

    Celine Choi

    "I did my market and costing research before I committed to a TLL will. Most will writing companies I called are very commercial; they are only interested in securing my will without finding out what I really wanted. Firstly, the online template allowed me to think through my wishes, save my drafts, come back again at any time I want to make changes. The fees are also very transparent in that any additional clause is highlighted with an "*" so that I can roughly gauge the fees of writing my will. Lots of love and Keep up the good work! "

    Mrs Yeo Mei Lee

    "I decided to write a couple will after hearing you and your team speak at the in-service training conducted at Jurong Police Headquarters. My wife, Jill, and I have worked very hard to provide the very best for our 3 children. Though my wife was very resistant initially, she felt that we are in our early 40s, healthy and we have good careers, death was a taboo for her. After obtaining more information from you, we looked up the TLL website and found it to be very user friendly. It provided a step by step guide to help us document our instructions. I have seen other companies who offer wills at SGD180, but their services are not as comprehensive as TLL. Though a little costly, it gives us peace of mind to know that our kids would be placed under the care of our chosen guardian(s). I am delighted with the professionalism of the TLL team, and I strongly recommend TLL to all my friends and colleagues. Thank you"

    Mr Jacob Teo Kar Chin

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